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 < 2 > Vancouver Aquarium Sea Otter Pool

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  < 4 > UBC Geological Sciences

  < 5 > Façade Study

  < 6 > UBC Civil / Mechanical Engineering



The Archives building was concealed under a waterfront park creating landscaped platforms from which to view the panorama of city, sea and mountains. For the Sea Otter Pools organic forms were explored to display these rare and intriguing mammals. Planting was encouraged to grow over the structure, which would eventually merge with its parkland setting. In the Geology Labs, a secondary perimeter circulation encourages shared use of equipment - expressed on the façade as colour-coded exhausts. The building incorporated lessons learnt from the California SCSD programme. In the Civil/Mechanical Labs, large-span steel-framed spaces were clad in a single material: profiled Corten steel. This is juxtaposed with an elemental landscape of earth berms covered with wild meadow flowers.